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My mother and I share a house and are full time college students.  Trust me, if it were not for financial aid, we wouldn't be in college at all.  In the last two months, there has not been any work to do at our part time jobs, so we have no income.  We have bills that are coming due and nothing with which to pay them.  Our house needs a new roof as well as minor plumbing and electrical work.  The receptacle for our stove is not usable because it overheats and melts the plug, so right now, we are cooking on a two burner hot plate and using a toaster oven.  Our bathtub faucet leaks water like crazy (from the hot water side), and with nothing to repair it with, we turned off the hot water and now heat water on our two burner hot plate. 

We've looked at job listings in the newspaper and online and are trying to find some way to make ends meet.  So far, we haven't found anything that will allow the flexibility our college schedule needs.  If we don't keep our grades up, we lose financing for college. 

We know GOD is able and works in mysterious ways ~ often through the hands of Good Samaritans.  If you would like to help a Christian family pay their bills and make repairs to their home, please contact me.  Thank you in advance and may GOD bless you richly.

****** Update 11/26/06 ******

Everything is basically the same.  Still no work, no income, and needing help.  Our employer does not forsee any work for us in the month of December.  I've applied for a job as a night stocker at Lowe's and I've also picked up an application from a local retail store.  I'm going to apply at Wal-Mart as well.  We've checked with our local Community Action Agency about help with our heating, but they don't have any funds available at this time.  I will continue to check with them about assistance.  I'm believing something will come through...I have faith.  I would like to be able to buy a few Christmas gifts, but finances do not allow that at this time. 

Someday, I'd love to have enough money to be here offering help to others instead of asking for it.  If I had the money, I'd help everyone I could.  I know there are many who are in worse least I do have a roof over my head, food to eat (through food stamps), and clothes to wear.  Many don't have that...I'd love to be able to help them and many others.  Mark my day I will.

** Update 12/20/06 **

We spoke with our employer a few weeks ago -- still no work and there will not be any more work for us to do with this company.  My mother and I both have applied at Lowes and she has tried to get on a list to take the civil service exam for the post office in our area.  I spoke with a DHR representative to find out who I needed to contact about employment there -- I have to take an exam and be placed in a pool of applicants.  I will be doing this ASAP.  There are a few restaurants in our area that may be hiring.  A new one will have their grand opening in January -- so we will both apply there.

Thank GOD that we are eligible for food stamps and are receiving those...if not, we'd be pretty hungry.  We are so grateful for what we have. 

I do ask that even if you cannot afford to help us in a monetary way, please, please remember us in your prayers. 

Thanks so much for reading and may GOD bless you.

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